Jan 212012

Have you ever felt so down and depressed about the directions your life has been going and then stumble across a strange thing that renews your spirit?  Gives you a glimmer of hope?  Makes you believe that somehow you will survive a huge disappointment and give you promise for the future? I realize I am a somewhat strange bird but I guess I look for a “sign” all around me […]

Jan 072012

The post below is a rambling post and may not make a lot of sense to others but this particular post is about me spilling out my mind’s reflections and rationalizing it’s decision making process in the written form. Sometimes it’s easier for me to go back and read my thoughts for a particular time frame without getting things confused. It also gives me an opportunity to look back and […]

Jan 032012

Isn’t it odd how I can be so forthcoming about the good things in my life yet so private about the things that aren’t as pretty?  Or is it as odd as it feels?  Maybe not.  After all, not everybody likes to splay out there emotions when they’re ugly.  So I won’t go into specifics deeply but I will admit that my attitude of late has SUCKED and it’s all […]