Aug 242011

I sit here on my first blog entry with writers block.  Of course, i’m not really a writer so I suppose i’m just blocked.  They say all stories have a beginning but much of my life has been monotonous and likely boring to most.  I’ll save you the grief!

Just a little bit of background though.  I am a true Southern woman.  I was born and raised in Louisiana, surrounded by simple folks that knew how to be loyal, love fiercely, protect those that they cared about and had a style all their own.  Many people have preconceived negative notions about Southerners but I am not ashamed of my heritage nor am I ashamed of who i’ve become now that i’ve moved away.    I still have a simple heart.. I do love deeply and I am a very loyal friend.  I’m also a bit of a loner and yet an extrovert.  In other words.. me.

I have two grown sons and of all the things i’ve accomplished in my life, that is my greatest achievement.  My sons are like me in a lot of ways.. and vastly different in others.  I’m sure at some point in time we will discuss them more in depth but for now, it’s enough to just know of their presence.  I am married to a man with very old fashioned ideals in many ways and yet has very progressive thinking in some ways.  Again.. i’m sure he will come up later and you’ll learn more about all of the key players in my life along the way.

I am an animal lover and if I had the ability and space to keep them, i’d have many more.  At last count and holding, I have one dog, three cats and a large tankful of fish.  If you count the days that my youngest son (who still lives with me) and my husband behave like primates, you can add them to my lot.

I more often than not am guilty of verbal diarrhea.  I talk.  A lot.  In fact, if that turns you off.. this blog is not for you.  I’m rarely capable of just saying something in simple terms.. even as a simple mind.  If you are a Southerner or have access to one, you will likely understand the way I talk/write.  We tell stories.  We have our own terminology and the title of this blog is a variation of one of my favorites.  The term “bless your heart” can have many meanings, depending on the tone.  Since tone can’t really be inflected through words on a page, it can be a sincere form of concern or a complete dismissal of idiotic behavior.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide which way it’s meant.  If you decide to read regularly, you will likely figure it out!

  8 Responses to “Beginning In The Middle”

  1. <3 your blog!!!

    Am a southern belle here too, but transplanted in Texas. I take "bless your heart" to a whole new level.

  2. I guess it's fair to comment that though I have never been in the southern states and even in my recent travels did not get to stop and meet the fine people, I to am a story teller and relish in the sharing so I will enjoy your blog and the insight you provide 🙂

  3. Howdy, ma'am… from a Texan (we are a little too prideful to call ourselves Southerners… Texas is thebgreatest place on the planet albeit a little dry and hot right now.)

  4. Welcome to the Blogosphere 🙂 I have all sorts of bloggy ideas if you really need some 🙂 Just talk about life – through your eyes!

  5. I wish there were a "like" button for your comments. I appreciate the support and the kind words. Let's hope that I can find something interesting to talk about. This will *definitely* mean I have to find something to talk about other than me! 😀

  6. yaaaay!!!!!

  7. Bless yer heart said with lubs!

  8. Welcome to blogging. xo