Oct 042015

The day I was born, my sense of security was immediately challenged. I was protected until that point, depending solely on the womb of my mother to nourish me — my mind, my heart and my very existence. Being born interrupted that security and as time ticked off days, then weeks, months, years and now decades, that sense of security has become less and less dependable. I know that doesn’t […]

Oct 022013

So I know my blog has been dormant for a long time and it’s inception was supposed to provide a place for me to house what is my typical sense of humor to life and the things it throws at me only it hasn’t worked the way it was intended. So hardly after it got started, the blog has pretty much withered and died and quite honestly, that’s pretty sad. […]

Mar 282012

Recently I have had a lot of changes in my life and while i’m no stranger to changes, I really dislike the sort of changes that upset the foundation of my world as I see it.  I have always identified my adult self first and foremost a mother, then a wife, a daughter, a sister and after that a friend.  So as you can easily see, my identity is mostly […]

Jan 212012

Have you ever felt so down and depressed about the directions your life has been going and then stumble across a strange thing that renews your spirit?  Gives you a glimmer of hope?  Makes you believe that somehow you will survive a huge disappointment and give you promise for the future? I realize I am a somewhat strange bird but I guess I look for a “sign” all around me […]

Jan 072012

The post below is a rambling post and may not make a lot of sense to others but this particular post is about me spilling out my mind’s reflections and rationalizing it’s decision making process in the written form. Sometimes it’s easier for me to go back and read my thoughts for a particular time frame without getting things confused. It also gives me an opportunity to look back and […]

Jan 032012

Isn’t it odd how I can be so forthcoming about the good things in my life yet so private about the things that aren’t as pretty?  Or is it as odd as it feels?  Maybe not.  After all, not everybody likes to splay out there emotions when they’re ugly.  So I won’t go into specifics deeply but I will admit that my attitude of late has SUCKED and it’s all […]

Dec 252011

I am terribly saddened for today I lost a friend.  I can’t imagine how i’m going to do without her and I just can’t believe i’ll never see her again!   We had one of those relationships that is irreplaceable.  We go way back.. in fact, I first met her prior to marrying my first husband.  She was an easy friend to have.. never demanded anything, always there exactly when I needed […]

Dec 222011

All of us are quite familiar with the act of giving presents during the holiday season.. it seems to be a “must do” for most people.  Many times it can be stressful to pick out just the right thing for someone because you want them to like it.  I can tell you what “gifts” I enjoy the most and it doesn’t cost a thing.  Time.  Compassion.  Friendship.  Love. The gift […]

Dec 212011

Christmas time is here.  Very little time left to make all those baked goods or to purchase that last minute gift.  By now, most people’s holiday cheer is already starting to wane.  The frantic pace has us racing to get things done while most are still working.  Traffic is snarled.. the markets and department stores are chaotic.  It’s easy to forget what the season represents. For some, it is the […]