Dec 092011

My Mama always told me.. “If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  So now you know why my blog has been dead for a while.  Hopefully things will start turning around and i’ll be able to say something nice later. Until then, i’m gonna go try to stir up some artificial cheer.. and putting on new clothes for the blog page.

Nov 062011

Some of my fondest memories as a child are of spending time with my grandmother. She lived such a simple, simple life.. she was poor, even by the poor’s standards. She didn’t even having indoor plumbing until she was in her fifties but I thought going to her house was exciting because she was always happy in her heart and she shared her love generously. She was born at home, […]

Oct 302011

In this day and age, we all worry about identity theft.  And who wouldn’t?  With the economy being like it is, most of us depend on each and every penny just to make ends meet.. the idea of somebody stealing those hard earned coins is threatening.  But you take precautions, try to be prudent and then hopefully.. you just live your life and the idiots leave you alone.  That’s not […]

Oct 202011

Growing up in Louisiana, the Fall season was my favorite.. probably because it was my Mother’s favorite.  The weather got cooler after the brutal summers, the leaves turned pretty and my Mother loved to rake the leaves and I would run and jump in them.  Then we would pile them all back up, burn them and have a weenie and marshmallow roast.  Fun times and I have great memories of […]

Oct 062011

For those friends of mine that tend to walk the paths with me when I celebrate, when I laugh and even when I cry out in horrible pain.. I want to say THANK YOU.  Each of you bring a little something different but as a collective whole, I am reminded of how truly, truly blessed I am.. even in the midst of the crisis i’ve been struggling with of late. […]

Sep 282011

A friend of mine on Facebook (and in real life as well) quoted some words of Maya Angelou. The greatest gift you can give others is the truth. Sometimes being your true self does not meet with expectations of the crowd…..DO IT ANYWAY. There’s a lot of wisdom in the words Teresa shared.  A lot of truth.  The truth isn’t always easy to face, isn’t easy to swallow and can […]

Sep 232011

I know this blog is still a baby and I swear, I wanted it to be upbeat, funny and just downright endearing enough for folks to come back and read.. maybe even share with others.  I haven’t been feeling too funny of late though.  Life isn’t always kind, even if it results from us not being kind to ourselves.  Ain’t much funny about that. I’m in a world of hurt. […]

Sep 112011

For most Americans, if you ask them where they were on a certain day of the week or at a particular time of day, they can’t tell you for sure. However.. if you ask them where they were at 8:46am on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, they will likely recall it with vivid detail. On the ten-year commemoration of that horrible day, many of us have rehashed the events that changed […]

Sep 072011

Have you ever been around someone before and walked away thinking to yourself “Oh my goodness.. that person has ISSUES!”? I saw somebody the other day and during the short time I spent with them, I wondered afterward how this person manages to plow themselves through life. They talked about themselves constantly, gasping for air in between sentences.. not even a remote chance for anyone else to get in a […]