Sep 082011

As a child, my mother would share her displeasure at something I had done by giving me the “bad eye”. Many people refer to it as the “evil eye” but we heard it called different. When you’re a little kid and your mom is glaring at you, madder than a wet hen.. it can be a bit scary. She would even ask us “Do you see my bad eye”? Well, yes we did but she wanted to be SURE we saw it and had a healthy fear of it! As we got older, we learned that the bad eye wasn’t so bad after all. Her bark was generally worse than her bite. She eventually lost all street cred for being a tough character. Even so, the bad eye had made it’s impact early on and wasn’t likely to be forgotten.

Fast forward twenty some odd years later to when I have my own children. A tested, tried and true method, I would show them my bad eye and ask them glaringly if they could see it. Like it had worked on me, it also worked on them. Apparently I inherited my mother’s ability to instill fear in a young child. Unfortunately, they grew out of being afraid of the bad eye as most children do. In fact, another twenty something years later, they have no fear of their Mama at all. It seems that i’m all bark and no bite as well.

These days, I struggle when I need to get my point across succinctly. I may bellyache when my children no longer feel the need to listen to mother’s advice. I might heave large sighs when my animals do not feel the need to be compliant. I may even get quite verbose when corresponding with my friends as I try to get my point across. But never fear.. when my husband gets out of line and i’m out of patience, he still gets the bad eye.

  2 Responses to “Do You See My Bad Eye??”

  1. This is funny. I think most of us that grew up in the south have a mama that “has that look” that she could give that would say in so uncertain terms “ya best be straightening up, your your gonna get your butt whooped”. My mama still uses that look on the grandkids. I don’t think it has the same effect on them as it did on me, but none the less, she still uses it. Love’n your blog!