Feb 232017

So very much has happened since the last time I sat down and tried to put my thoughts and feelings down in written form.  So many life changes — old chapters closing and new ones opening.  I want to sit and write about them individually because each of them deserve their own showcase but today, the story writes itself.

Today is February 23, a day that has had significant meaning to me for thirty-two years.  It was on this day, all those years ago, that my first child was born.  A big first baby, loud and opinionated from the moment he was born and perfect in every way.  I was in awe of him but terrified at how my life might change.  I had no idea the magnitude of change that child would bring to my world.  Everything ceased to hold as much importance in comparison.  His needs became my focus and becoming a mother was soon realized as my most important job ever.

He had a bit of a rough start, as he had surgery to correct a birth defect in his gut at only a month old.  But once past that hurdle, he grew like wildfire and was a delightfully happy baby.  I was in love like never before.  Like most parents, I felt like he grew up way too fast — life seemed to go by in such a flash.  Before I realized it, he was starting school and at age five, he had to share his momma with a new sibling.  But this story isn’t about THEIR childhood, other than to say they were my greatest achievements and while I made plenty of mistakes, I can only pray that they can look back as adults and know they were loved deeply.

Last year, on his thirty-first birthday, my son was waiting for the biggest present he had ever gotten and while I’m in no way responsible for that gift,  I am eternally grateful that I get to enjoy and share it with him.  His gift?  His daughter.  Born two weeks earlier than expected but what an entrance she made.  So this day, February 23.. so special to me for what it represented, was now just as important to my son for the very same reason.  HIS child was born and would change his life just as emphatically as he had changed mine.  She was just as perfect and she became his focus.  And in a purely selfish manner.. she has changed my life as well.

And now, she turns one year old today.  And while this day will always be HIS birthday first, she’s getting top billing this year.  I’ll be honest, the focus now shines on her.  Thank goodness, he’s just as enamored with her so he’s not pouting.  Love has not only grown.. it has multiplied exponentially for the both of us!