Sep 082015


A while back, I asked my friends on Facebook to give me one word answers as to what defined “LOVE” to them.  These are their words.  Yet when I wanted to describe what love meant to me, I had a hard time coming up with just one word.  Unfortunately, i’ve never been that succinct!

But even if it could be defined in one word, the bigger question to me is how does one actually go about FINDING it?  At times, finding love seems to be rather easy.  Other times, it takes a second (or third) glance and occasionally, a very concerted effort is necessary to ferret it out.  But it’s always there if we are open to find it.  Love can be found in our family, in God and even in ourselves.  It is everywhere, actually.  Even in our pain.

  • It is the warm feeling that comes over a new mother’s body after she has just given birth.
  • It’s the peace that comes with believing you are not alone in this world.
  • It is the gentleness of an afternoon rain, when the grass is begging for a drink of water.
  • It’s the soft breeze that caresses your face on an otherwise still day.
  • It is the taste of the summer’s first watermelon as the flavor dances across your tongue.
  • It is the crashing waves of the ocean as it wets the sand over and over.
  • It is the fierceness of a lover’s kiss after an almost unbearable separation.
  • It is the sparkle in the eyes of a child as they see a Christmas tree for the first time.
  • It’s the sound of a friend’s voice when you’ve had a rough day.
  • It’s the drift of a woman’s perfume worn just for the benefit of her mate.
  • It’s the protectiveness that a man feels after chasing the monsters away from beneath the bed.
  • It is the tickle of cat fur as they climb in your lap to cuddle.
  • It’s the softness of fresh sheets on the bed after a long day.
  • It’s the rustle of gold and red leaves in the crisp air of fall.
  • It is the meal on the table, waiting to be eaten.
  • It is the early morning as the sun peeks over the horizon.
  • It is the evening sky as the stars twinkle above.
  • It is in the laughter after a good joke.
  • It is lounging in the bath while your favorite music plays in the background.
  • It is the warmth of a winter coat on a blustery day.
  • It’s the feeling you get when you pull into your driveway and know that you are home.
  • It’s the smell of coffee and bacon on a Saturday morning.
  • It’s the helplessness you feel when your baby is sick.
  • It’s the snore of your dog while you’re trying to get to sleep.
  • It is even in the midst of heartbreak when someone you love takes their last breath.

It is unexplainable until experienced but then undeniable and unforgettable. I am thankful for all of these things because to find love is to be present and to live and in the overall scheme of things, that is more than enough.