Aug 252011


Today as I was driving my husband to the doctor’s office, the song Just Fishin’by Trace Adkins came on the radio.  If you’re not a fan of country music and unfamiliar with it, the song talks about a man taking his daughter fishing and while the daughter thinks they are simply going fishing, her Daddy knows they are making memories that will last a lifetime for the both of them.

And she thinks we’re just fishing by the riverside
Throwing back what we could fry
Drowning worms and killing time
Nothing too ambitious
She ain’t even thinking about
What’s really going on right now
But I guarantee this memory is a big’un
And she thinks we’re just fishing

Me & My Daddy

Any song that talks about the father/daughter bond really strikes a chord in me.  It has been over 18 years since my Daddy passed away and I miss his wisdom, his gentleness and his presence in my life.  He was a simple man.  Barely educated, he worked hard for his family to provide and while he struggled with words — even to the point that saying “I love you” probably made him feel uncomfortable — he was a man of action.  He held my hand as a little girl, let me ride on his lap as he rode his tractor, taught me how to drive and would even rub my back to help me get to sleep.  He welcomed me back in his home as a grown woman with a child when my failed marriage was over.  He didn’t need words to prove his love, he lived it.

Considering that this man was not my biological father, that made him even more special.  Looking back, I hold each memory I have of him sacred.  And I have no doubt that before he died, some of his best memories were sharing his love and his life with us kids.  He knew we weren’t just fishing.