Oct 022013

So I know my blog has been dormant for a long time and it’s inception was supposed to provide a place for me to house what is my typical sense of humor to life and the things it throws at me only it hasn’t worked the way it was intended. So hardly after it got started, the blog has pretty much withered and died and quite honestly, that’s pretty sad. I’m not different from anyone else.. life can throw some pretty crappy things at us and while most of the time we take those things in stride, deal with them, find ways to cope and then move on, i’ve been stuck in a black hole and unable to get out.  For some folks, they can’t seem to understand this.  For others, they can relate in ways that can’t possibly be described.  For me, I don’t have the energy to try.  Maybe later? In the meantime, just know that while my heart is hurting, my Buddha wears a cross.