Dec 212011

Christmas time is here.  Very little time left to make all those baked goods or to purchase that last minute gift.  By now, most people’s holiday cheer is already starting to wane.  The frantic pace has us racing to get things done while most are still working.  Traffic is snarled.. the markets and department stores are chaotic.  It’s easy to forget what the season represents.

For some, it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ while others commemorate different walks of faith in their own custom.  Even those that don’t have a belief in a higher power seem to find a bit more spring in their step and find good will toward others during this time of year.  While none of us are exempt from feeling the stress of the added monetary expense that seems to go along with holiday spending, there still seems to be a magical feel at times.  It’s easier to remind ourselves to coexist during this time but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were more of a way of life rather than a short lived season?  Yeah.. I know.  Too Pollyanna of me, huh?

To me, Christmas is about spending time with those you love.  In that respect, I have Christmas nearly every day of the year.  I don’t get to spend enough time with my son or my Mom though and I worry that although her health is good, she isn’t getting any younger and I don’t know how many more years I will be able to have her with me.  The holidays seem to make the pains of missing those that I love that are no longer with me a little sharper.. this worries me that at some point I will likely know that feeling again.  I simply MUST find a way to to go see my mother and my son.. SOON.

Before later becomes too late.. hug those that you love and never let them doubt that you feel the way you do.  Merry Christmas, Y’all!