Dec 252011

I am terribly saddened for today I lost a friend.  I can’t imagine how i’m going to do without her and I just can’t believe i’ll never see her again!   We had one of those relationships that is irreplaceable.  We go way back.. in fact, I first met her prior to marrying my first husband.  She was an easy friend to have.. never demanded anything, always there exactly when I needed her and sometimes she gave me the sweetest gifts!

Her name was Mrs. Robeson.  Even with all the years of knowing her, I had always called her Mrs. Robeson out of respect, although I would playfully call her “Sparky” on occasion.  She visited every holiday but occasionally she would drop in unexpectedly before dinner during the rest of the year.  She never stayed long and was always willing to pitch in and help with the cooking.  She was most at home in the kitchen.  She was always a welcome help and while I appreciated her, I know I selfishly took her for granted.

She was gone in an instant and it was in the middle of helping me prepare something special for Christmas when it happened.  All the way to the end, Mrs. Robeson was doing such sweet things for me.  Thank you seems so insignificant but I hope she knew how much I really did appreciate all her help.  You just can’t beat those kind of friends.  RIP, Sparky.. I am grateful for your loyalty, your dedication and your help over the years.


The last (and sweetest) thing Mrs. Robeson ever did for me was be a part of our Christmas festivities.  We all thank you for that!


  5 Responses to “So Here’s To You, Mrs. Robeson”

  1. Bless you dear friend. I can’t imagine such a loss. <3 LOL… bring on the kitchen aid!

  2. I have an electric knife that needs a mercy killing. I smells funny…like a burning type of smell every time I use it. I cannot bear to part with it, so I just do not cook anything that requires slicing with an electric knife 🙂

  3. OMG. I was tearing up picturing you in the kitchen with a lovely elderly Southern woman when she keeled over and died on your floor. Thanks for a happpier ending 🙂

    • She actually didn’t keel over at all.. it was a death of mercy and fear. I was cleaning it up after using it for the cake and realized that the cord was frayed and completely severed on one side. It’s amazing that it hadn’t electrocuted me at some point!

      I hated to get rid of it.. it didn’t look pretty but it sure was dependable and that’s more than I can say for many of my relationships! After taking the cover off to see if it could have been rewired, I realized the innards were all rusty so I decided to put her to sleep peacefully. They just don’t make them like they used to! 🙂