Dec 222011

All of us are quite familiar with the act of giving presents during the holiday season.. it seems to be a “must do” for most people.  Many times it can be stressful to pick out just the right thing for someone because you want them to like it.  I can tell you what “gifts” I enjoy the most and it doesn’t cost a thing.  Time.  Compassion.  Friendship.  Love.

The gift of time is irreplaceable.  The gift of compassion is always appreciated.  The gift of friendship is sacred.  The gift of love is the most important one of all.  If we can find it in our hearts and minds to give these gifts.. the ones that cost us nothing to purchase but have a value that is priceless, we will be whole spiritually and rich beyond measure.  Give your gifts to others, they only get better when you share.


HOWEVER.. if these gifts fail (and I can’t think of why they would), coffee is the next best thing.  🙂